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The Perfect Smartphone.

My blog is alive!  Think I’m going to make this an all encompassing blog, instead of cars only as I originally planned.  It looks like wordpress doesn’t play nice with youtube though.

So I saw this video from Jon Rettinger, and a similar video from MKBHD and thought I’d piggyback off of it.  Except I want to modify the theme a little by combining technologies that exist, but not together.  And maybe a few wishful features.


First, I would agree with Jon on having the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen.  The thing is beautiful, and feels great in the hand.  I wouldn’t have anything running on the edges though, and the size I’d want would be an even 5 inches, maybe 5.2 if we were taking the top and bottom bezels off for a true edge to edge display.


The body I would choose is the iPhone 5/5s, with obvious size adjustments.  The iPhone 6/6s is just ugly to me with its round corners and antenna lines.  I don’t mind the jutting out camera.  To me, the best looking iPhone is the iPhone 4, and the 5 refined that look.  Just nice sharp corners and an overall classy design.  Also, it was able to be stand vertically and on it’s side without a kickstand.  The only other changes I would make would be to put the headphone jack back on top and to delete the home button.

Operating system:  iOS, with elements of android.  Those elements would be widgets (not just notification center widgets), the ability to choose google maps as the default nav app, and of course the the on screen back/home/switcher buttons.   This would get rid of the home button and have minimal/no bezels.  Also, I prefer those buttons more than the apple home button.  For touch ID/apple pay I’d have the whole screen be a fingerprint scanner, having the apple frosted look when necessary to disable other functions.

That’s basically it.  Then of course things like wireless charging (also supply an in car wireless dock/charger), nfc, custom colors like moto maker/colorware.  Oh and before I forget, actions like on the moto X such as shake to camera and chop to flashlight.  Such useful features!

Too bad such a phone will never exist.

Ravspec 2015 STi